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[SND] 10000maniacs.mid 08-Apr-98 22:13 30k [SND] addicted.mid 08-Apr-98 22:14 43k [SND] alw_look.mid 08-Apr-98 22:14 40k [SND] amadeus.mid 08-Apr-98 22:14 22k [SND] amerpie1.mid 08-Apr-98 22:14 24k [SND] aqualung.mid 08-Apr-98 22:14 78k [SND] badtothebone.mid 13-Sep-98 23:57 49k [SND] bangagong.mid 13-Sep-98 23:38 66k [SND] blinded by the light...13-Sep-98 23:40 25k [SND] blinded.mid 08-Apr-98 22:15 27k [SND] calidrea.mid 08-Apr-98 22:15 39k [SND] callme.mid 08-Apr-98 22:15 60k [SND] casbah.mid 08-Apr-98 22:16 35k [SND] catcradl.mid 08-Apr-98 22:16 10k [SND] devilwent2ga.mid 13-Sep-98 23:41 43k [SND] dont_you_forget_about..08-Apr-98 22:16 69k [SND] dust_in_the_wind.mid 08-Apr-98 22:16 19k [SND] eden.mid 08-Apr-98 22:17 57k [SND] evbdydnc.mid 13-Sep-98 23:44 43k [SND] everybody wants to ru..13-Sep-98 23:44 31k [SND] fnalcndn.mid 13-Sep-98 23:44 37k [SND] footloos.mid 08-Apr-98 22:17 46k [SND] frkstein2.mid 08-Apr-98 22:17 44k [SND] frkstein.mid 08-Apr-98 22:17 41k [SND] funkytown.mid 08-Apr-98 22:18 39k [SND] g_zilla3.mid 08-Apr-98 22:18 30k [SND] gangsta.mid 08-Apr-98 22:18 24k [SND] gimmesom.mid 08-Apr-98 22:18 64k [SND] golden_earring-twilightzone.mid 08-Apr-98 22:18 28k [SND] gooddays.mid 08-Apr-98 22:18 11k [SND] grapevin.mid 13-Sep-98 23:46 39k [SND] great.mid 08-Apr-98 22:18 41k [SND] hoottime.mid 08-Apr-98 22:19 75k [SND] house_of.mid 08-Apr-98 22:19 5k [SND] ingodavd.mid 13-Sep-98 23:46 39k [SND] jailhouse.mid 13-Sep-98 23:46 30k [SND] johnny_b.mid 08-Apr-98 22:19 30k [SND] littlewg.mid 08-Apr-98 22:19 15k [SND] louiloui.mid 08-Apr-98 22:19 26k [SND] loveis.mid 08-Apr-98 22:20 32k [SND] lucille.mid 08-Apr-98 22:20 48k [SND] margaritaville.mid 13-Sep-98 23:47 45k [SND] moondanc.mid 08-Apr-98 22:20 51k [SND] playfunk.mid 13-Sep-98 23:47 35k [SND] pure_energy.mid 13-Sep-98 23:47 31k [SND] relax.mid 08-Apr-98 22:21 57k [SND] rich.mid 08-Apr-98 22:21 45k [SND] ricki_dont_lose.mid 13-Sep-98 23:47 39k [SND] risinsun.mid 08-Apr-98 22:21 37k [SND] science.mid 08-Apr-98 22:22 27k [SND] sharona.mid 08-Apr-98 22:22 15k [SND] shout.mid 08-Apr-98 22:23 125k [SND] smokwatr.mid 08-Apr-98 22:23 112k [SND] soulman.mid 08-Apr-98 22:24 65k [SND] swdreams.mid 08-Apr-98 22:24 39k [SND] sweatnow.mid 08-Apr-98 22:24 43k [SND] sweetchi.mid 08-Apr-98 22:24 27k [SND] sweethom.mid 08-Apr-98 22:25 73k [SND] t-rex.mid 08-Apr-98 22:25 38k [SND] theway.mid 13-Sep-98 23:50 38k [SND] thinkabouttheway.mid 13-Sep-98 23:50 75k [SND] venus.mid 08-Apr-98 22:25 36k [SND] walking_on_the_moon.mid08-Apr-98 22:25 27k [SND] walkingi.mid 08-Apr-98 22:25 19k [SND] wanted man.mid 13-Sep-98 23:48 35k [SND] wild_thg.mid 08-Apr-98 22:26 48k [SND] working for the weeke..13-Sep-98 23:49 51k